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VIDEO | Glass Cockpit

keskiviikko, heinäkuu 31, 2013 21:45

The unique Glass Cockpit system means a clean, easy-to-use dashboard -- and more importantly -- enhanced overview and control of both engine and navigation in one place.

Integrated with the EVC system, the Glass Cockpit gathers all driver information and displays it in one spot. The easy-to-handle, pinch-to-zoom displays give you instant control. Six displays in two versions are available in different sizes from 8 to 19".

VIDEO | Interceptor System

keskiviikko, heinäkuu 31, 2013 21:34

This whole new trim system, the Interceptor System (IS) has its origin in large, commercial vessel applications. Its robust and compact design ensures reliable performance in all conditions.

VIDEO | VP Industrial - Preffered Partner

torstai, toukokuu 30, 2013 21:38
Volvo Penta Industrial - Preffered Partner -video with English speaker voice.

VIDEO | Joystick Driving

maanantai, heinäkuu 09, 2012 19:50

Now you can use the joystick for steering at any speed -- maneuvering your boat has never been easier. With the intuitive Joystick Driving feature you lean back and relax and adjust your course with a minimum of strain.

Volvo Penta -videot